Sunday, 21 April, 2019

A 25 year old man sustained injuries to his back, chest and right arm when he was attacked by what was likely a black caiman (Melanosuchus niger) while swimming across the Araguaia River in Luis Alves.

Location data

Latitude: -13.214932000000
Longitude: -50.581756000000

Incident details

Outcome: Non-Fatal
Victim Age: 25
Sex: Male
Activity Detail: Swimming across river
Witnessed: Unknown
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2019-04-21 Precise
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Black Caiman Probable
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About the crocodilian

Black Caiman

The black caiman is a large sized species (the largest member of the Alligatoridae family at 5 m/16.5 ft and possibly larger) present throughout the Amazon basin including portions of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guaya, and Peru. The species is present primarily within freshwater habitat (e.g. rivers, lakes, flooded savannah) and is sympatric with other caiman species in many areas. Juvenile black caiman prey primarily upon invertebrates while adults may prey upon fish and mammals including capybara and domestic livestock. The black caiman is potentially dangerous to humans and several attacks are reported every year, although fatalities are not common. The species is currently threatened by the destruction of habitat and poaching.

Estimated Wild Population: Millions

Conservation Status: Low Risk, Least Concern. 

Melanosuchus niger

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