Saturday, 27 October, 2018

A woman named Martha Echeverry sustained serious injuries to her lower right thigh when she was attacked by a crocodilian while fishing in Caño Jujú at San Luis de los Palmares in Arauquita at around 5:00 PM. Given the location and information from local crocodilian experts, it would appear that the spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) is the most likely culprit, although the crocodilian responsible has been stated in one article as being "caiman llanero" which would refer for to the Orinoco crocodile (Crocodylus intermedius). While the Orinoco crocodile is present in Arauca and is much larger than the spectacled caiman, it is not believed to be present in this immediate area, but this has not been confirmed.

Location data

Latitude: 7.019748000000
Longitude: -71.600128000000

Incident details

Outcome: Non-Fatal
Victim Age:
Sex: Female
Activity Detail: Fishing in canal
Witnessed: Unknown
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2018-10-27 Precise
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Spectacled Caiman Probable
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About the crocodilian

Spectacled Caiman

The spectacled caiman is a medium-small sized species (maximum length 3 m/10 ft, although rarely over 2.5 m/8 ft) that is widely distributed throughout the New World tropics from southwestern Mexico south to the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon. The species has also been introduced to a number of locations including Cuba (Isla de Juventud), Puerto Rico and the USA (Florida). Spectacled caiman are highly adaptable and are commonly found within freshwater habitat (e.g. wetlands, rivers, lakes, urban canals) but may also be found in brackish areas with a higher salinity. Juvenile spectacled caiman feed primarily upon invertebrates and small vertebrates, while adult animals may prey upon larger fish, birds, reptiles and small mammals. The spectacled caiman represents little danger to humans, but can deliver a painful bite. The species is abundant in many areas (e.g. the Venezuelan and Colombia Llanos) but is threatened by habitat destruction and other anthropogenic factors in some areas (e.g. El Salvador).  There are four recognized subspecies of spectacled caiman- C. c. apaporiensis (Rio Apaporis, Colombia), C. c. chiapasius (southwest Mexico through Pacific Central America), C. c. crocodilus (Amazon basin, Llanos, etc.), and C. c. fuscus (Atlantic Central America through portions of Ecuador and northern Colombia).

Estimated Wild Population: Millions

Conservation Status: Low Risk, Least Concern. 

Caiman crocodilus

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