Wednesday, 20 January, 1886

A boy was attacked by what was likely a broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris) while bathing within the Subauma River in Iguape. He was injured during the attack and died the following day due to the extent of his injuries.

Location data

Latitude: -24.818256000000
Longitude: -47.738324000000

Incident details

Outcome: Fatal
Victim Age:
Sex: Male
Activity Detail: Bathing
Witnessed: Unknown
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1886-01-20 Precise
Species Certainty
Broad-snouted Caiman Probable
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About the crocodilian

Broad-snouted Caiman

The broad-snouted caiman is a medium-small sized species (maximum reported length of 3.5 m/11 ft, but rarely over 2 m/6.6 feet) present from the central-eastern Atlantic Coast of Brazil (Paraiba state) through much of southeastern Brazil, northern Argentina, southern Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay; the species is sympatric with the yacare caiman in some areas. The broad-snouted caiman is found in both freshwater and brackish water habitat, including the coastal mangroves of some of Brazil’s islands. The species is specially adapted to preying upon aquatic snails but may also take other invertebrates and small vertebrates (e.g. turtles). Like the other caiman species of similar size, the species may bite humans but represents no serious threat to humans. The species is currently threatened by habitat destruction (including dam construction) and poaching in some areas.

Estimated Wild Population: 250,000-500,000

Conservation Status: Low Risk, Least Concern. 

Caiman latirostris

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